What does the treatment include?

Generally the treatment will include:

· Wearing safety eyewear to protect the practitioner and client’s eyes from the laser light during the procedure.

· A small hand piece will be used that touches the skin to deliver the laser light. A light spray of coolant will be felt on the skin prior to each laser pulse.

· You will receive a test spot in your area of interest. Your full treatment may be done 48 hours to 2 weeks later, depending on the skin reaction.

· Most clients experience little discomfort during the treatment because of the dynamic cooling device.

· The degree of discomfort varies with each person, depending on his/her pain threshold. Topical anesthesia is rarely needed, but may be requested based on individual preferences or tolerances. Be sure to discuss this with your practitioner in advance.

· The treatment can take as little as 2 minutes or up to 2 hours, depending on the area treated.

· The treated area may become pink or red within 30 minutes of treatment; this may last from a few hours to several days and is relieved with the application of ice or aloe.

How do lasers work for hair removal?

The laser emits a pulse of light that passes through the skin and is absorbed by the pigment located within the hair shaft. This light energy is transformed into heat, which destroys the surrounding hair follicle.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

The number of subsequent treatments is guided by many factors in each individual. Most people need a minimum of 6 treatments to achieve desired results. The number of treatments required depends upon several factors including the site to be treated. After the initial treatment, subsequent treatments will be required to disable those hair follicles that were inactive or dormant.

What precautions should be taken before and after treatment?

· Avoid sun 4-6 weeks before and after treatment or until your practitioner allows it.

· While you may shave hair up to 24 hours prior to your treatment, you must avoid plucking or waxing hair in between treatments.

· If you have a history of herpes/cold sores in the treatment area, prophylactic antiviral therapy may be prescribed.

Is it safe?

Yes, laser treatments are very safe. Laser hair removal was developed after more than 30 years of laser research. Through extensive clinical trials, at both U.S. and Canadian laser research centers, the process has been proven safe and effective. Laser parameters were carefully defined to precisely match the laser light and pulse duration for each hair follicle. Follicle size, depth, and location are specific considerations.

What are the risks, side effects and possible complications of laser hair removal treatment?

The possibility exists that some side effects or complications can occur, including:

· Itching

· Tingling

· Purpura (purple coloring of the skin) on tanned areas

· Redness

· Swelling

· Temporary pigment change (hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation) Side effects occur infrequently and are generally temporary.

What happens to the skin after the treatment?

Within several minutes of the treatment, the treated area will become slightly red and swollen. This reaction subsides generally within a few hours. Since the laser does not burn or cut the skin in any way, no bandages are necessary, and you can return to your normal activities immediately.

Is it Painful?

Some areas are more sensitive than others. Most people tolerate the procedure very well. Most laser clients describe the treatment as uncomfortable, but not painful. Our advanced laser uses a special cooling system to minimize any discomfort. When a client is particularly sensitive, a topical anesthetic may be used.

How many treatments will I need?

Hair grows in cycles. The number of treatments required depends upon your skin color, hair color and coarseness of the hair. Everyone will require at least 6 treatments, as the process is only effective on hair during the early growth cycle. Repeat sessions will be necessary to treat these new follicles when they re-enter the early growth phase.

How soon are results seen?

The results of laser hair removal are seen immediately. Following your first treatment and every treatment thereafter, you will notice a decrease in the growth of unwanted hair.

· You should discuss your desired results and the improvements you expect to achieve with your practitioner. Together you can decide if your expectations will be met and if laser treatment is the best option.

How long does the procedure take?

Because the laser treats many hairs at a time, facial areas (chin, lip, cheeks, etc.) can be treated in 2-10 minutes. Small body areas (underarms, bikini line, etc.) take less than 15 minutes. Larger body areas (full back, full legs, both arms, etc.) usually take 1-2 hours. The length of the treatment depends upon the size of the area and the density of the hair.

Am I a candidate for laser?

The best candidates have dark hair and light skin. The absolute requirement is that the hair must be darker than the surrounding skin. People with very dark pigmented skin or a deep tan are not good candidates. Tanned clients must wait until their tans fade to receive treatment. Also, the laser does not treat hair that is blonde, red or white. Because light haired and dark skinned people do not qualify for laser, they may want to consider electrolysis to permanently remove the hair.

During your initial consultation, we will review your medical information and identify any medications or health conditions that could affect your response to treatment.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Pricing varies according to the treatment area. Laser hair removal costs vary from $25 to $450 per individual treatment. After the client has paid for 6 treatments, any additional treatments needed are just $25 per 15 minutes per treatment (these are referred to as maintenance treatments). Individual consultation with the laser center is necessary to obtain exact pricing.

Consumers are advised, as with all forms of medical care, to seek the center of highest quality, rather than lowest cost. Laser hair removal requires an exacting science, individual attention, experience, and a trained, caring, professional staff.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

Lasers are precise instruments that can be adjusted to the exact parameters that will specifically disable the hair follicle. Unlike precision “hair-by-hair” treatments like electrolysis, the laser uses a wide beam which treats many hairs at once. Because of this, large areas like a full back, full legs or arms can be hair free within 1-2 hours.

Which professionals are qualified to operated hair removal lasers?

All practitioners at Laser Center of South Florida are licensed & certified by the state of Florida. They are legally authorized to operate lasers for hair removal as Certified Medical Electrologists. It is important for all consumers to choose a practitioner with proper credentials.

Is this procedure covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies do not offer reimbursement for cosmetic procedures. However, consult with your insurance carrier for more information.

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